Bishkek Power Engineers caring for preservation of clean air

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Bishkek, Jan. 12, 2018 / Kabar /. The Cogeneration Plant (CP) of Bishkek is one of the largest enterprises of Kyrgyzstan. The plant modernization project was successfully completed in Aug.2017. Now the heating plant has become not only more powerful, but it also meets modern standards by being ecologically friendly. Filters have been installed into two new power units - these are the huge structures with a five-storey building size. In the process of producing heat to comfort residents of the capital and producing electricity for the entire north of the country, two to four thousand tons of coal is burned per day.

All this goes through a multi-stage cleaning system, and at the outlet of the pipes – there is only steam with a minimum content of solid particles. In general, the burning temperature of the coal in the boiler units of the CP plant is approximately 2,000 degrees. Therefore, the coal is burned almost completely and the parts that remain - pass through the filters. The particles that the filters catch again return to the production cycle. It is such a "smart" cleaning system.


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