Deputies of Bishkek city council visit Samarkand car factory

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Bishkek, Feb, 1, 2018 /Kabar/. Several deputies of the Bishkek city council, Vice Mayor of Bishkek Gennady Militsky, director of the Bishkek transport department Bakyt Temikeev visited shops of SamAuto bus plant in Samarkand and met with its managers.

The press service of the Bishkek city council reports that, a thorough conversation took place on the state of affairs at the enterprise. Samarkand Automobile Plant was put into operation in 1999. The key direction of its work was the production of medium and light trucks and medium capacity buses. The plant provides the needs of Uzbekistan in buses. At present the enterprise has entered the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan.

One of the deputies Saidahmat Ismailov called it "an enterprise with a name and quality."

Earlier, a group of Bishkek city deputies and representatives of the municipality visited a number of Russian bus manufacturing plants to monitor enterprises.

The Bishkek Mayor’s Office plans to replenish the fleet of buses in 2018.


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