Despite the executed yield targets, Turkmenistan imports cotton

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Last week during the bidding at Turkmenistan’s Commodity Exchange 21 deals, including cotton purchase deals, were concluded.

The state information agency TDH reported on 14 April that cotton fibre for the amount of over 156 thousand manats ($44,6 thousand using the official rate) was purchased for the Turkmen domestic market.

Three days earlier, at the Cabinet session held on 11 April the President announced that the development of textile industry is hampered by low cotton yield.

The state-run news agencies, however, not only report that the cotton yield plan is fulfilled on an annual basis but also overstate the numbers. 545 hectares of land are allotted to grow cotton with an annual cotton yield of 1 million 50 thousand tons being harvested per hectare.

According to official media outlets, in 2017 the same volume of cotton was harvested despite the fact that President Berdymukhammedov had repeatedly expressed discontent with low pace of the cotton harvesting campaign and local officials mobilized secondary school teachers and conscripts to harvest cotton.

On 23 March the state information agency TDH unexpectedly reported that “last year “white gold” farmers exceeded the contractual obligations by handing in over 1 million 100 thousand tons of raw cotton to the state”.


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