Kyrgyzstan's National Team on Penchak Silat will compete at Asian Games in Indonesia

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Bishkek, Feb. 21, 2018 / Kabar /. The National Team of Kyrgyzstan passed a Test Tournament on Pencak Silat in Jakarta and won a ticket to the Asian Games in Indonesia, President of Penchak Federation in Kyrgyzstan Kanybek Bikboev told Kabar News Agency.

Bikboev said that the National Team of Kyrgyzstan took part in the All-Asian Test Tournament on Pencak Silat in Jakarta, which was held from Feb.8 to 18. The strongest sportsmen from different countries participated in it.

Kyrgyzstan was represented by 7 athletes and won 3 bronze medals.

"Our athletes performed very well that even the World Federation on Penchak Silat appreciated the good level of our sportsmen," Bikboev said.

The President of Penchak Federation in Kyrgyzstan added that 16 athletes in different weight categories will take part in the Asian Games, which will be held from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2 in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Penchak Silat - a specific martial art, its name in Indonesian language means Duel of Lightning, which is due to a very fast manner of conducting the contest (in the second version of the translation, the word Penchak - means the ability to change the position of the body, and Silat- the ability to attack enemy). It is based on more than 50 martial arts of Indonesia. All styles are divided into armed and unarmed, there are also such styles where both combat techniques are present.


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