Turkmen residents head to Azerbaijan in search of jobs

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According to Azerbaijan’s website haqqin.az, due to the worsening economic situation in Turkmenistan caused by the soaring exchange rate of foreign currency and failure to withdraw cash from bank cards overseas, the country’s residents are heading to Azerbaijan in search of jobs.

According to Baku sea port, the number of foreign nationals arriving in Baku from the neighboring countries is increasing on a daily basis.

The news outlet reports that Turkmen residents purchase groceries in Azerbaijan and sell gold and jewelry items at higher prices than in their home country.

«A few days ago the Customs office of the International Sea Port of Baku stopped an attempt of illegal import of gold items on the territory of Azerbaijan. The residents of Turkmenistan — Mukhammed Charyev, Bibimalin Mosyev and Ogulzhennetin Palivanov – attempted to import gold and sell it in Azerbaijan. The Customs inspection identified 993 grams of undeclared gold. An investigation has been launched», — haqqin.az reports.

According to the news outlet the number of females from Turkmenistan who go to Azerbaijan to engage in prostitution has also increased.

The Chairperson of the Civic Council under Azerbaijan’s Migration Service Azer Allakhveranov briefed on the increasing number of Turkmen residents.

«In the past few years the influx of Turkmen nationals has increased several times. This is related to the economic crisis in Turkmenistan. The residents of Turkmenistan import gold, sell it to buy groceries and foreign currency. This has led to the fact that not only entrepreneurs but fraudsters are entering our country», — Allakhveranov said.

It should be highlighted that Turkey and Russia have been the main destinations for migrant workers from Turkmenistan.

Source: https://en.hronikatm.com/2018/02/turkmen-residents-head-to-azerbaijan-in-search-of-jobs/


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